We're not afraid to get technical

When you're hiring engineers or looking to take the next step in your career, you need a recruiter that understands the details of what you do. Since questions regarding data structures and algorithms form the foundation of most technical interviews, our computer science expertise allows us to accurately assess a candidate's fit for a position.

We combine our technical knowledge with years of practical experience working with top engineers and development firms. Each candidate we recommend to a client is carefully handpicked based on the unique preferences of both parties. In the same manner, we recommend positions to candidates only when we feel that the new opportunity offers substantial career growth and development.

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Please email Edward Langer for more information about our services: elanger (at) watervleet.com

Technical Reviews

Important data structures include arrays & strings, linked lists, stacks & queues, and trees & graphs.

Key algorithms focus on recursion, search, sorting, and mathematics.

Other helpful reviews cover topics such as scalability, Java, object-oriented programming, bit manipulation, threads & locks, databases, and software testing.

What our clients look for

While the specifics vary, themes include good coding practices, a strong knowledge of computer science fundamentals (see the technical reviews), interviewing skills, and a passion for computer programming.

Interview Prep

Relax! You're going to do an excellent job!

Client Selection

We only work with companies that have a stellar reputation.